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Our Purpose
To fast-forward leaders into the future.

Our Vision
To support leaders who create organisations that respect humanity and the planet; that are great places to work; that generate value for all.

Our Mission
To inspire and elevate authentic, creative and accountable leadership in the workplace.

Our Values

  • Integrity so you can trust us to deliver our agreements with you however difficult
  • Imagination to innovate, inspire and motivate
  • Impact to add measurable value to your organisations
  • Collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders
  • Commitment to see things through, to transfer learning to the workplace and to take others with us

  • Business Growth Audit
  • Business Development Systems
  • Cutting Complexity
  • Employee Engagement
  • Executive coaching and mentoring
  • Business strategy coaching
  • Personal development
  • Leadership: the 6 Essential Skills
  • Women in Leadership
  • Leadership Exploration Retreats
  • Teambuilding Workshops
  • Presentation Skills

Dr Jacquie Drake is Founder and CEO of Cool Leadership. Jacquie works internationally with a wide range of organisations delivering leadership development courses and workshops, facilitating senior level off-site strategy meetings and team-builds, and undertaking individual mentoring and coaching. She is a regular conference speaker and a visiting member of faculty at Cranfield School of Management (UK), Mannheim Business School (Germany) and CIIM (Cyprus).