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Do the people who work with you, or for you, tell others that they work in a “cool place” or for a “cool person”? If so, you belong here. If you’re not so sure, you still belong here because it’s our mission to get you to cool.

If you’re really not sure, then you may have different idea about what “cool” is. It’s not about being more concerned with appearances than substance. Nor is it about being detached, cynical or slick. For us, leaders who are cool inspire, engage and deliver.


How will we get you to “cool”? By sharing with you everything we know about leadership and by creating a place where we can all share what experiences we’ve had, what we know, and what we’d like to know. A community communicates. This community is made up of like-minded people who recognise that leadership is an increasingly important aspect of their work.

Our Purpose
To fast-forward leaders into the future.

Our Vision
To support leaders who create organisations that respect humanity and the planet; that are great places to work; that generate value for all.

Our Mission
To inspire and elevate authentic, creative and accountable leadership in the workplace.

Our Values

  • Integrity so you can trust us to deliver our agreements with you however difficult
  • Imagination to innovate, inspire and motivate
  • Impact to add measurable value to your organisations
  • Collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders
  • Commitment to see things through, to transfer learning to the workplace and to take others with us

  • Business Growth Audit
  • Business Development Systems
  • Cutting Complexity
  • Employee Engagement
  • Executive coaching and mentoring
  • Business strategy coaching
  • Personal development
  • Leadership: the 6 Essential Skills
  • Women in Leadership
  • Leadership Exploration Retreats
  • Teambuilding Workshops
  • Presentation Skills

Dr Jacquie Drake is Founder and CEO of Cool Leadership. Jacquie works internationally with a wide range of organisations delivering leadership development courses and workshops, facilitating senior level off-site strategy meetings and team-builds, and undertaking individual mentoring and coaching. She is a regular conference speaker and a visiting member of faculty at Cranfield School of Management (UK), Mannheim Business School (Germany) and CIIM (Cyprus).

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